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Resources for Families

Parents are problem solvers. They are the keepers of their children’s dreams and their cheerleaders in life and learning. Being a parent is incredible job and an incredible responsibility, and parents need tools to support them, particularly when it comes to reading.

At a recent family homework dinner at Winter’s Elementary in Pawtucket, families worked together to build tall structures after reading the book “Sky Boys,” about the workers who built the Empire State Building. The BAW team saw first hand the way that families work together, and the way that parents and caregivers impact their children and families with their actions and support.

It is in this spirit that Books Are Wings is proud to announce the creation of a “Parent Resource” section on our website. In this new area, you will find tools to connect you with the work of BAW, and empower your family to better support your readers at home.

Newsletters: Our parent newsletters keep you up to date on all the latest events, reading tips and tricks and community resources that Books Are Wings has to offer!

Read Aloud Videos: Visit our YouTube channel for videos on reading research, Books Are Wings media appearances and read aloud videos for your family to share!

2020 Book List: Our top twelve reading list will give you plenty of ideas for books to share as a family in the new year. Find these titles at a book spot or library near you!

Book Spots: We have 16 Book Spots around the state, with more coming soon! Use this interactive map to find the one nearest to you, and take a family trip to explore a local park or community organization, and take home a free book for your home library.

Resource Guide: This parent reading guide is a resource from Reading Rockets. They share: “Children who enjoy books and get good support from home tend to ‘take off’ academically when they get to school. It’s never too early to start encouraging their love of reading.”

Common Core: Rhode Island schools use Common Core standards to set goals for students in reading. View the guidelines here, divided by grade level and learn more about the goals your child is working towards in school, and what goals you want to work towards at home. (In English and Spanish.)

Please visit this new section, and let us know how these tools support you and your family!

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