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Books Are Wings stocks designated outdoor and indoor structures with children’s books all year long. These spots are readily available for children and families to find and take home books to keep. Structures and shelving units are hosted and maintained by community organizations throughout Rhode Island.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, not all of our Book Spots are currently stocked across the state. However, ALL of our Central Falls Locations are still stocked weekly. Stop by and spend some time at one of the following parks maintained by the Central Falls Park and Recreation Department:

  • Jenks Park, 580 Broad Street

  • Jenks Park Rear, 40 Washington Street

  • Garfield Park, 128 Garfield Street

  • River Island Park, 1425 High Street

  • Sacred Heart Park, Sacred Heart Ave. & High Street

  • Veterans Memorial Park, 416 Hunt Street

We are always accepting gently used book donations, to help stock our Book Spots. We still need your support to get free books into the hands of children.

We accept children’s books K-12 grade level including gently used and new books, but don’t accept books that are mildewed or damaged.

We are not able to accept the following types of books:

  • Adult/high school books

  • Textbooks/reference books

  • Religious books

To donate, e-mail

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