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Black History Month Reading

February is Black History Month: a time to share important events, reading and history surrounding this celebration of Black culture, impact, community and so much more.

Books offer us a unique window into the lives of others: a connection to characters both real and imagined. Black history is American history, and it is critical that we support our children and communities in learning about both the Black history from the perspective of Black authors, and the history of systemic racism that has shaped the Black experience in America this month and all year long.

Below you will find a selection of books for our community to read and share:

Books to honor Black history for adult readers.

Books to honor Black history for young readers and families.

These lists are in no way exhaustive. You can find additional reading for adults here, and for children here.

Additionally, please find below a number of community events that are public celebrations of Black History Month around the state of Rhode Island and throughout February:

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