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Our "Why"

We believe the power of literacy transforms the lives of children, their families and communities for the better.

Our Mission

Putting free books in the hands of children. 

Books Are Wings seeks to provide every child with regular access to books.


BAW works to engage students in their classrooms, at school functions, community events, and playgrounds.


We believe that offering books to children in different environments instills a consistent message that reading is not just school work- it’s a way of life!

Our Core Values


We work with communities to support a culture of literacy and joy of reading through programs and partnerships.

Equity: We recognize that not all children and families have access to books.

Diversity: We distribute books that are historically accurate and reflective of our culturally diverse world, and we strive to ensure that our team members reflect that same diverse world.


We believe the self-selection of books empowers children and their families to take ownership of their learning and opportunities for the future.


Books Are Wings was founded in 1998 by Elizabeth M Dennigan, her family, and a group of dedicated volunteers committed to literacy, reading, libraries, and fun.


New and “gently” used books were collected from local friends and neighbors and distributed at day care and community centers. 


In 2003, BAW incorporated into a 501 (c) 3 non- profit organization. With active Board members, and dedicated community involvement, BAW committed itself to children, community service, and literacy.


Unique book parties began at local libraries and parks, giving children the opportunity to experience the joy of reading by choosing their own books.


Today, BAW works with over 100 volunteers a year and distributes an average of 60,000 books annually in cities and schools around the state of Rhode Island.


From our partners...

“The kids in East Providence frequently mention our Books Are Wings parties to me throughout the year. They ask when the next one is and talk about how much fun they had at the last one. They really like receiving the books, and it is another way of reinforcing the importance of reading in their lives.”
- East Providence Librarian
“A lot of my students don’t have books at home and Books Are Wings programs help them to build a library and expose them to characters and concepts that we learn about at school. Having access to new books helps my students to continue learning outside of school. Last week, we were learning about whales and then with this program, my students got books about whales. I also love having books in Spanish available so that they go home and read books with their parents who only speak Spanish. It’s a selfless organization that works to get books and put them in the hands of kids who wouldn’t normally get them.”
- Baldwin Elementary Teacher
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