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Donate Books

We are accepting gently used book donations by appointment.
Books Are Wings works with students around the state of Rhode Island, with a focus on communities where children often do not have their own books at home. 

What types of books do we accept?

Children's Books Only

We accept baby books through fifth grade level books. 

Condition is Important

Please no books with mildew, old library books or damaged books.

Content is Key

We value book choice. We want to provide children the opportunity to select books that are representative of them and are historically accurate. 

We are not able to accept the following types of books:

  • Adult books

  • Textbooks/reference books

  • Religious books*

       *We partner with local faith organizations to donate religious books.​


What is the best way to pack the books?

Please pack the books in boxes since they are easier to transport than bags.

Please count the books and let us know the number you are donating.


We are also able to tally books at our donation center.

How do I set up a donation or book drive?

Click below to contact us for more info on

these activities.


How else can I donate books?


You can purchase books on your own, give to a drive, or donate directly to our book donation fund. Check out the ways below:

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