Our Programs in Schools

Books All Year

The Books All Year program is a citywide program where children and families are provided access to books throughout the school year in various environments.


This program is being modified during the 2020-2021 school year but our partnership schools are being offered books three times a year for their students through our Book Bag Project.


See more information about that project under Our Community Programs.

We work directly with schools and districts to select our program partners.

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Tale Mail

BAW’s new Family Engagement Program, Tale Mail is kicking off in the spring of 2021. BAW is partnering with Early Learning Centers and Public Preschool programs to provide books and literacy based craft activities for our youngest learners.


Families will get books every other month, have access to BAW online resources, and have the opportunity to be enrolled in the Ready4K text messaging program.  


The goal of this program is to provide families with access to high-quality literature, interactive learning activities, and family literacy resources.