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Our Programs in Schools

Books All Year

The Books All Year program is a citywide program where children and families are provided access to books throughout the school year in various environments.


This program is being continously modified during the ongoing pandemic, but our partnership schools are being offered books three times a year for their students in a variety of ways. As the needs of students and teachers continue to shift, we will adapt the program.

We work directly with schools and districts to select our program partners.

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Read to 100

For the duration of the school year, we are challenging students to collectively read 100 books as a classroom.


If they meet this goal, Books Are Wings will provide a celebration for students.


Classrooms can complete the challenge as many times as they like, and there will also be a prize for the classroom that is the overall reading champion.


Once you sign up for the program, Books Are Wings will provide all of the materials needed, including books, tracking posters and more!

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