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Book Spots

Book Spots & Locations

Book Spots

Books Are Wings stocks designated outdoor and indoor structures with FREE children's books all year long. These "Book Spots" are readily available for children and families to use, and take home books to keep. 


We have 19 Book Spots around the state, 9 of which are currently open. These structures and shelving units are hosted and maintained by community organizations throughout Rhode Island, that serve families.


You can find Book Spots in local parks, community centers and schools. See the map below for a full list of locations. 

Book Spot Locations

Currently, the following Book Spots are stocked:


The Autism Project

  • 1516 Atwood Avenue, Johnston

Central Falls Park and Recreation Department:

  • Jenks Park, 580 Broad Street

  • Garfield Park, 128 Garfield Street

  • River Island Park, 1425 High Street

  • Sacred Heart Park, Sacred Heart Ave. & High Street

  • Veterans Memorial Park, 416 Hunt Street

Hope Artiste Village:

  • Main hallway, 1005 Main St, Pawtucket

Providence Public Schools:

  • Carl Lauro Elementary (Outside) 99 Kenyon Street

Woonsocket Parks and Recreation Department:

  • Social Park, Veterans Way, Woonsocket

Currently, the following Book Spots currently are NOT stocked:


Department of Human Services:

  • 249 Roosevelt Avenue, Pawtucket

  • 206 Elmwood Avenue, Providence

  • OCSS, 77 Dorrance St, Providence

Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • 600 New London Ave, Cranston

Roger Williams Park Zoo:

  • Hasbro's Our Big Backyard, 1000 Elmwood Ave. Providence


Department of Children, Youth and Families:

  • 574 Hope Street, Bristol

  • 101 Friendship Street, Providence


Student Only Book Spots

  • Agnes E. Little School, 60 S Bend Street Pawtucket

  • M. Virginia Cunningham Elementary School, 40 Baldwin St, Pawtucket

  • Heritage Park YMCA, 333 Roosevelt Ave, Pawtucket

Check back frequently for new Book Spot locations!

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