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Our Programs in the Community


Community Events

The Books Are Wings' team looks forward to being back in person at community events when it is safe to do so. We miss connecting with children and families at the Car Show in Central Falls, the Smith Hill Block Party, Fringe Festival, Rhode Island’s Heritage Festival, and many more. 

These events can take place at neighborhood block parties, summer festivals, back-to-school carnivals, or any place where children and families are gathering. 

Books Are Wings will work to build up these types of events again as more schools go back to in-person learning, and communities safely open up. Contact us for more information.

Summer Programs

Books Are Wings' summer programs help to ensure that kids have access to literacy activities and books to help prevent summer learning loss. These programs run from June to August in local parks and recreation centers, and provide students with books and activities. These offerings help support children in continually practicing reading skills.

For summer 2022, Books Are Wings is offering a variety of programs, including our "Book Bonanza," to provide readers with books, where ever they are. 

View our summer programs below.

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