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National Read A Book Day

September 6th is National Read A Book Day!

Access to books is critical for children, and there are many ways to find free or low cost books to read or that can build your family's home library. According to the US Department of Education’s study Access to Reading Materials, “While less than 15 percent of students with between 0 and 10 books scored proficient in 2015, 50 percent of students with more than 100 books did. The data and research are clear – children who have access to print reading materials have better literacy outcomes.”

Books Are Wings offers programming and free books in schools and community centers all year long. Libraries are also a wonderful way to access books, and a library can serve as a hub for learning, security and support for a neighborhood. Families can also visit the Books Are Wings Book Spots open in Central Falls.

Libraries right here in Rhode Island offer access to all library resources online as well as in person. You can access ebooks, movies, music, video games, virtual story times and activities from your home computer. In Rhode Island, the Ocean State Libraries represent a network of public libraries from Woonsocket to Westerly.

Check out the resources below to see how you can engage with and learn from your local library branch:

  • Consult this map to find the library nearest to you.

  • Visit the ezone to borrow from thousands of audiobooks.

  • You can even sign up for a library card online!

While libraries work hard to share resources, families can also visit local Book Spots stocked by Books Are Wings.

Books Are Wings stocks designated outdoor and indoor structures with FREE children's books all year long. These "Book Spots" are readily available for children and families to use, and take home books to keep.The following Book Spots are stocked regularly and call be found in parks and public spaces managed by the Central Falls Park and Recreation Department:

  • Jenks Park, 580 Broad Street

  • Jenks Park Rear, 40 Washington Street

  • Garfield Park, 128 Garfield Street

  • River Island Park, 1425 High Street

  • Sacred Heart Park, Sacred Heart Ave. & High Street

  • Veterans Memorial Park, 416 Hunt Street

Today and all September long, use this special holiday to inspire exploration into ways that you and your family can access books in your community!

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