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Managing Screen Time This National Family Literacy Month

Here are a few simple tips to get you reading together and reducing screen time:

  1. Read in different ways: Read together, model reading, or read silently together as an activity. Reading aloud together is a great evening ritual, making time for family bonding and language exposure. Additionally, let your children see you reading – model that reading is pleasurable and fun by doing it in your own spare time. Finally, read silently together – take books to the backyard, the park or on a picnic and read the books that each of you have chosen, that meet your interests and reading abilities.

  2. Reduce screen time: Put away the tablets, phones, and computers and turn off the television. Pick a comfortable spot that is away from distractions and will allow you to see pictures or photographs well and comfortably read the text in good lighting. Removing screens from the equation allows all family members to be fully present with each other. Create designated screen-free time each day and read together!

  3. Let your children choose their reading material: When a child gets to pick out their own books, it means that they have a greater investment in the content and are more likely to finish the book. Child-driven choice in reading materials allows us to get to know the interests of our children and engage them in deep and meaningful conversations about what they’ve learned or enjoyed about the book they just read.

  4. Diversify your reading materials: Having many books available, with a wide variety of topics covered, allows for child-driven choice. Using your local library allows you to diversify the things that you are reading, and spend time as a family exploring a new neighborhood or town.

Help us support families with more resources like these:

Join Books Are Wings on Thursday, November 19th at 6p.m. to kick off this year’s Gift of Literacy Campaign. The event will be hosted on Zoom, kicking off our 7th annual Gift Of Literacy campaign, working to get over 10,000 books out to learners by the end of 2020. This will be the first time since the pandemic hit that we will be gathering Books Are Wings volunteers, book donors, and supporters. The campaign offers the opportunity for us to come together and help to ensure that children around Rhode Island have access to the books and literacy tools they need to succeed. This event marks the start of a campaign that underscores our commitment to community empowerment through building the libraries of local families.

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