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Teen Volunteer Reflection – Summer 2016

Sarah Hill, Age 17, Barrington, RI


One of my favorite events this summer was an event in conjunction with the Providence Community Library’s Mobile Library in Providence. It was amazing to see so many children, of all ages, and families so excited about books. No one was making them come, they were coming in purely because of their love for reading. Due to the uniqueness of the event, we were able to have people take basically as many books as they wanted. Many families walked out with over 10 free books, some even more. I left this event inspired and excited about the impact we had made on many families in just two hours on a Sunday morning.

This summer, my third consecutive summer as a volunteer, I feel confident in saying that we have affected and hopefully changed for the better the lives of hundreds of children across Rhode Island. It has been amazing to see Books Are Wings grow and evolve over my time as a volunteer and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

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