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2021 Annual Report

A year of flexibility and growth.

Reflecting on 2021

2021 was a year of growth, flexibility and collaboration for the Books Are Wings staff and the families and communities we partner with. Now more than ever, children needed access to books and connection.


Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that books and high quality literacy materials were available in parks, community centers, classrooms and anywhere children and families could safely play and learn. Through both new initiatives and existing programming we distributed 62,353 books in 2021.

Financial Disclosures

The financial statements of Books Are Wings are compiled by Golden, Gormly & Company Ltd. A copy of the complete financial statements can be found below for the most recent fiscal years.

"Growing up I didn’t really have much access to books. There were school book fairs, and I remember not being able to buy the books I wanted. Seeing this program makes me really joyful, because kids can now experience something many others couldn't."

- Kenneth, Blackstone Academy Charter School, Class of 2023

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