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Take A “Shelfie!”

Share your favorite book with Books Are Wings!

As the year comes to a close, we are excited to announce the launch of our “take a shelfie” campaign!

Beginning this week, we are going to spotlight readers across the state as they share a favorite or important book in their lives. Our hope is to share the impact that one book can have on the life of an individual. When we are at events and schools around Rhode Island we will be asking for people to share their favorite books and tell us a little about why that book had a lasting impact on them.

As the campaign continues, we hope to share just how important book choice is in fostering a love of reading. Each week, we’ll share a different “shelfie” to demonstrate the lasting impact that books can have on our lives.

We need your help! When you are a reading as a family, share your “shelfie” to social media and tag us: #booksarewings #takeashelfie #rireads

The #rireads hashtag will connect us with the RI Department of Education’s push to share the power of reading across the state.

We hope to see your “shelfie” soon!

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