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Summer Reading for Parents and Caregivers

Summer is in full swing here in the ocean state, and summer reading can be just as much as fun going to the beach, running outside or imaginative play. Supporting your child in their journey as a reader can be challenging at times, but today we’re sharing some tips to support you in raising readers:

Make Time for Reading:

No matter how many activities you have scheduled ensure that you make time to stop, drop and read. Plan reading time into your summer schedule. Read aloud together everyday, and make that time a special ritual for your family to end your day and wind down.

Variety is Key:

Keep a large variety of reading materials throughout the house, including newspapers, magazines, books, graphic novels and comic books. Choice is key to getting kids excited about reading.

Books can be Boredom Busters:

On rainy days, or when your child shares that they are bored, encourage reading as an option. Model picking up books, instead of turning to TV or other screens when you are bored.

Write, Write, Write: Keep writing materials on hand such as pencils, lined and unlined paper, crayons and markers. Encourage your child to practice writing. Bring a clipboard and some of these tools on outings and encourage your kids to document their summer adventures.

Additionally, there are some wonderful books that you pick up a local bookstore or library that offer tools for parents in supporting, encouraging, and teaching reading. These five titles are a great way to learn about building reading habits not only through the summer, but into the new school year!

1. Raising Readers: How to Nurture a Child's Love of Books by Megan Daley

2. How to Raise a Reader Hardcover by Pamela Paul

3. The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease

4. The Invisible Toolbox: The Power of Reading to Your Child from Birth to Adolescence

5. Reading Magic by Mem Fox

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