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New Summer Books

Summer is just around the corner, and school will be wrapping up in a few short weeks.

The summer provides lots of opportunities for trying new activities, spending time outdoors and reading the latest books and novels. Libraries are opening back up for in-person browsing later in the summer, but many are already doing curb-side pickup. Using the RI Office of Library and Information Services website here, find the branch closest to you, and check their online catalog to see the newest titles they have available.

The following ten books were just released, or are coming out this summer for you and your family to read:

Out June 9th. Grades P-2.

Out June 2nd. Grades P-3.

Out August 4th. Grades P-K.

Out September 1st. Grades 1-5.

Out September 1st. Grades P-2.

Out August 11th. Grades P – 3.

Out now! Grades 4-7.

Out now! Grades 3-7.

Out now! Grades 1-4.

Out now! Grades P-3.

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