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National Cartoonist’s Day

National Cartoonist’s Day offers us the chance to celebrate different styles of books. Celebrated on May 5th, this unique day is a wonderful opportunity to explore many different styles of books and how they are illustrated.

Not all books have pictures and some books only have pictures. While we often see cartoons in the newspaper, there are a few places where you might find comics or cartoons. Comic books are short, serialized stories. Graphic novels offer a long-form comic style, where a story is told by both words and pictures in a square frame. Cartoons are short pieces of a story, messages or jokes that are told through a series of frames with illustrations and text in them.

If you’re interested in learning more about comics, cartoons and cartoonists, check out the links below for more information!

The following websites include some great resources for teaching about comic art and cartoonists:

The Center for Cartoon Studies offers classes, worksheets and cartoon history on their site:

Cartoonist Gene Yang had put his entire Masters of Education thesis online, focusing on the history of comics in education:

Using a cartoon page in your newspaper or a copy of one you get a library, go to and work through the content of the cartoon.

Books Are Wings wants to see what types of cartoons you can come up with! Use the frameworks below and the links and resources in this blog to create your own cartoon, and don’t forget to share it with us!

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