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Henry Gets Moving!

Books are Wings read Henry Gets Moving to children in Central Falls and Providence! Who is Henry you ask? Henry the Hamster is a young boy who overcomes his obesity challenge wit

h an active lifestyle and healthy eating. His story is told in our bilingual (English-Spanish) children’s book, Henry Gets Moving. When we first meet Henry, he is overweight, having difficulty in school and at play. Like many children, Henry is teased for his weight. A discouraged Henry receives positive support from his friend, his physician, and his family to overcome his obesity and poor eating habits. Henry’s determination and his positive support network are the foundation of successful community wellness movements.

Reading Henry Gets Moving is part of the kick off to BAW’s Health and Wellness curriculum. Along with the read aloud, BAW discuss’ healthy eating and fitness choices and offers healthy snacks to all children. Children then get to fill their home libraries with books!

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