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Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week 2020

Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week is celebrated the first week of February, and is a wonderful opportunity to spotlight some local and acclaimed illustrated children’s books.

An illustrated children’s book allows for a unique way to engage with a story – presenting a beautiful landscape for a child to immerse themselves in through images. This week, we are celebrating five books that we want to share with our community that are both beautifully crafted stories and artistically illustrated.

Told from the perspective of an imaginary friend, this book was written and illustrated by the man who created the television show “The Replacements” for The Disney Channel.

The latest from Rhode Island illustrator One Mora and author Rita Lorraine Hubbard, this book follows the amazing true story of Mary Walker, who learned to read at 116.

Inspired by a woman who planted lupines all along the Maine coast, this book’s lush illustrations immerse the reader in the landscape of seaside New England.

Written and illustrated by RISD alum, Phoebe Wahl, this book celebrates what it means to care for something, and looks at how our losses can be our greatest teachers.

Rhode Island local Cornwall spins a tale about a little boy who has to conquer his fear with the support of a loving father, all while transporting you to the colors and feelings of summer in the city.

To learn more about how you can celebrate Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week, visit Children’s Authors Network to learn how to host an author or illustrator, for classroom resources and much more:

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