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Looking Forward into 2022

A letter from our Executive Director, Jocelynn White:

As 2021 comes to a close and we enter 2022, we want to thank you for being a part of this past year with us. While how we got books to children changed many times throughout the year, one thing that stayed the same was the passion of the community. Parents, teachers, community partners, book donors, volunteers, and our staff all worked tirelessly to make sure children's home libraries were being built and sustained.

I would like to close this year out by sharing a few words from a letter of gratitude written to Books Are Wings by a local high school student. Thanks to you we can make these experiences happen:

"Your work will definitely have a great impact on kids in RI in many ways, especially reading! I love this idea of giving books to kids for free; many kids don't have access to books growing up. I first learned about your organization when I went to Jenks Park in Central Falls and there was a station of free books. I asked the attendant what the organization was about and why they were doing it. I was really inspired by it.

I really love how your organization out of your ways has so many amazing programs for the youth. I especially like the summer program because it's in an area where many kids can access it. Growing up I didn’t really have much access to books, there were school book fairs and I remember not being able to buy the books I wanted. Seeing this program makes me really joyful because the kids can now experience something many others couldn't.

Thank you guys so much for helping our youth increase their English skills. I am so thankful that there is an organization helping out kids who really need it."

To our community, we look forward to another year working to ensure that ALL children across Rhode Island have access to books and reading.

Thank you for your continued support in 2021!

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