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Local Organizations Give the Gift of Literacy

Jeff Bradley, VP of Community Relations and Jessica Krywosa, VP of Digital Strategy at Bristol County Savings Bank drop off their donations from a National Book Month book drive with BAW Executive Director Jocelynn White.

Platinum Sponsorships for our Gift of Literacy Campaign allow companies to support our mission with generous funding, but several companies have recently gone above and beyond in their support of our work.

Platinum Sponsors for this year’s Gift Of Literacy Campaign include Bristol County Savings Bank and IGT, who recently matched their generous donations as Platinum Sponsors by conducting book drives at their companies. Bristol County Savings Bank (pictured above) hosted a book drive through October, celebrating National Book Month. IGT hosted their first ever Global Book Challenge, donating 1,635 books.

Our Gift of Literacy Campaign kicks off on Thursday, November 21st from 5:30 to 8 p.m. with a reception at Machines with Magnets. We will be celebrating our commitment to community empowerment through building the libraries of local families. This campaign will provide funding for Books Are Wings’ core mission of putting free books in the hands of children. Every child in Rhode Island deserves access to books in their home and to be excited about books and reading.

While this annual campaign runs from November 21, 2019 through December 31, 2019, donations will help give the gift of literacy by supporting Books Are Wings all year long! The funds raised throughout the campaign support Books Are Wings’ mission to put free books in the hands of children during the holiday season and throughout the year.

While all proceeds from this event directly support Books Are Wings and our mission to put free books into the hands of children, you can give with your time by volunteering or setting up a book drive like our generous sponsors above. You support will drive efforts such as Books All Year, an intensive citywide effort that brings the organization into the classrooms of partner schools; Book Spots, which stocks designated indoor and outdoor structures with children’s books all year long; and Book Request, which provides free books for community events. Your support creates lasting community impact.

Our Gift of Literacy Campaign Kick-Off Reception is 16 days away! You can buy tickets and learn more about the campaign here:

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