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Books Are Wings’ programs are supported by the generosity of many individuals and groups who have donated new and “gently used” books. Books Are Wings collects CHILDREN’s books ages birth to teen.

“Hosting a book drive felt like such an easy first step in promoting Books Are Wings’ efforts for children, community service, and literacy. Our children are Rhode Island’s future, and their education starts with reading skills. I encourage everyone to host a book drive or sponsor a book party.”

~ United Way of Rhode Island

How to host a book drive?

Here are some basic guidelines to help you when gathering books for us

-We accept children’s books (baby books through middle school)

-We accept gently used and new books, but don’t accept books that are mildewed or damaged.

  • -We are not able to accept the following types of books: adult/high school books, textbooks, reference books, religious books, cookbooks or workbooks. If you have any questions about books you are considering donating, please let us know!  Often the book you are donating will be this child’s only book that s/he can call his own.-If possible, please pack the books in boxes since they are easier to transport than bags.-If you are able to, please count the books and let us know the number you are donating.  Sometimes young kids find this task fun.  If you don’t want to count them, that is fine too! We can do that once they arrive at our office.

    -Once you are ready to deliver the books, please email She will let you know what open hours we have that month for people to drop books off at our office in Pawtucket or figure out what will work best.

Below are locations where books can be dropped off at any time.

Books Are Wings Center: 1005 Main St., Suite 8233A, Pawtucket, RI

Warwick Library: 60 Sandy Ln, Warwick, RI

West Greenwich Library: 274 Victory Highway, West Greenwich, RI

Coventry Library: 1672 Flat River Road, Coventry, RI

East Providence Library: 41 Grove St, East Providence, RI

William H. Hall Library Cranston: 1825 Broad Street, Cranston, RI

To host a book drive or schedule a pick up of book donations. Please contact


Jocelynn White,




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  1. Hello my name is Emma Rathbun I am a senior at North Providence High School. I have a love for reading and books and am organizing a book drive as part of my senior project on how reading is both beneficial and influential to children and young adults. I was hoping to make a donation to your organization as part of this book drive. Please advise on the steps I would need to do so. Thank you very much, Emma Rathbun

    • Jocelynn White November 5, 2019 Reply

      Thank you for your interest in donating books! Please reach out to for more information on book donation times and location.
      We appreciate your support!

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