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What is our goal in the long run?

The mission of Books Are Wings is to put free books in the hands of children. We believe every child should experience the joy of reading. We envision every child in Rhode Island with access to quality reading experiences and books. Research suggests that growing up in a home with at least 20 books is associated with 3 additional years of schooling for children. Books Are Wings seeks to provide every child with regular access to books.

“The kids in East Providence frequently mention our Books Are Wings parties to me throughout the year. They ask when the next one is and talk about how much fun they had at the last one. They really like receiving the books, and it is another way of reinforcing the importance of reading in their lives.”
- Librarian

Making a Difference

Creating platforms and opportunities for children to be exposed to and enthralled by books is key to changing the crippling effects of poverty on literacy. This is exactly what Books Are Wings’ Book Party programs are designed to do. Books Are Wings programs expose children from low-income families to literacy-rich reading materials. Based on Rhode Island’s Common Core standards in which students are ready for the complex reading of college and career readiness, programs introduce children to a variety of texts, and provide rich language experiences. In these programs every child participates in a story-time model read aloud, engages in a literacy craft activity and chooses two free books to keep and take home. Programs are delivered within three formats.

We will put 77,000 books into children's hands during the 2018-2019 school year through school and early learning book parties, community distribution events and summer programs.

Making Progress

Congratulations Central Falls Public Schools for your 2% increase in meeting grade level expectations for third grade reading! Last year, Books Are Wings gave free books to all Central Falls Public School students Pre-K to 3rd grade. We are thrilled to have been a partner in your success!

Bring the joy of reading to children in Rhode Island who might not be able to afford books of their own. With your support, Books Are Wings will collect and distribute books to Rhode Island’s children. Our success is the result of your support.