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Our organization believes that children who love to read will develop the literacy skills that they need to succeed.  We are dedicated to working toward a day when all children have access to books in their homes.  Reading gives children the wings to soar. 

The core of Books Are Wings are the Book Party Programs.  These Programs are designed to increase reading levels by fostering a love of reading through motivation and choice of book.  The Book Party Program begins with community involvement through book donations.  Book Party events are held at Head Start Programs, Libraries, Elementary schools, Community Housing Developments and more.  At these events, we read stories, discuss literature, encourage children to spell their names and give children the choice of their own FREE books.  Story time, refreshments, and fun filled crafts allow children to associate the books they receive at the party with fun.  Children will recall the fun they had when they see their books at home.  This association will in turn increase the time they spend reading the book.  The increase in time-spent reading will lead to progress in reading skills.                                                                                                                                   

Photography by Molly Lorincz